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Newsletter of the Origins Centre ( Incorporated Society ) of Western Australia

Latest Newsletter May 2003

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Tig-le House
May All That Lives Be Well and
Mondays: (beginning 17th February)
Chime will be teaching a 5-week course on the Ngon-
Dro and the Foundation Chorus. The Ngon-Dro, or
Foundation Work, is a teaching of preparation and sustenance
for the spiritual life and a wonderful support
for an active engagement in sustainable peace. It is the
essential basis of Vajrayana Arising Yoga, Mahamudra
Tradition. We will explore the stages, practices and development
of Ngon-Dro. Each class will include a short
talk, practice and discussion.
Dates: 5 weeks beginning Monday 17th February to
Monday 17th March.
Class time: 7.30pm- 8.30pm.
Venue: Classes held at Tig-le House, 266 Oxford
Street, Leederville.
Cost: By dana/donation.
Texts: The Ngon-Dro and Foundation Chorus texts
will be available at Tig-le House. Some study and
practice is required during this course.
Bookings: Bookings are required for this course.
Please contact Usha for details (
or 9382 8587).
Wednesdays: (recommencing 5th
Personal Interviews
Chime is available for personal interviews on
Wednesdays. Please phone Anne Clark to make an
appointment time on (08) 9443 9639.
All are welcome. By donation or bring something to
share. Lunch usually begins at 12.15pm.
Meditation (usually with Chime).
Mahamudra (mindfulness) sit/practice at 5.30 pm -
6.30pm. Ideal for both beginners to meditation and
those with a regular practice. Bring your questions.
All are welcome. By dana/donation.
Rinpoches Retreat 2002
What do you write when asked to share a few words about
a retreat, words that others would read? My first reaction
was, (jokingly), it was really good, I had fun, and I
meditated a lot. Trying to explain my experiences would
sound as hollow as these last sentences. The one thing I
can say though, (being fairly new to the Dharma) that I
came away with a deeper sense of lineage and its
importance. Understanding where the teachings have
come from and who they came with. Its not an intellectual
thing, so all I can is, I can hear an echo.
Lucy Hancock
Rinpoche 2003
Many of you will know that Rinpoche will be returning to teach
what he termed as Teachers Transmission training (This is also
open to health practitioners and those working in associated
areas). It is loosely scheduled over an eight week period for
October and November this year.
Rinpoche has indicated he would like to teach in one-week
blocks. As many of you heard whilst on retreat, he also indicated
that 100 000 Medicine Buddha mantras would be a pre-requisite
for some of this work.
As this requires much more organization time than usual, we are
now calling for requests for teaching topics. Please consider your
request carefully, keeping in mind the overall theme of the retreat
and please be brief.
You may email your requests to Ursula Oddie: or leave a message on 9319 2787.

Thursdays: (Commencing 20th
Buddha Dharma is a teaching, rather than a religion,
which provides both comfort and encouragement to
people living in contemporary society. Chime will
teach a 5 week series, An Introduction to Buddha
Dharma which will include the basic principles of
Buddha Dharma philosophy and practice (the Four
Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path.). This is
an ideal introduction for anyone interested in Buddhist
philosophy and/or the practice of meditation.
Dates: 5 weeks beginning Thursday, 20th March until
Thursday 17th April
Class time: 7.30pm- 8.30pm.
Venue: Classes held at Tig-le House, 266 Oxford
Street, Leederville.
Cost: By dana/donation.
Bookings: A minimum of five participants are
needed for this course to go ahead. Please contact
Usha on email: or phone: 9382
8587 to register your booking or enquiries.
Refuge Practice Day
Chime will be teaching a one day workshop on the
Refuge practice. Refuge is a foundation teaching in all
the schools of Dharma, and the first Part of the Tibetan
Ngon-Dro (foundation teachings). Refuge
means a safe, well tried support for living Dharma
and a secure basis for future practices. The Refuge
workshop will include a talk, as well as exploration
through practice, art, and some gentle bodywork
(yoga) with John Herbert.
Date: Saturday 15th of March
Class Time: 10am 12 noon, Lunch break, 1 pm 3
Venue: Tig-le House
Cost: Teacher and Tig-le support through
What to bring: Lunch for yourself, lead and
colouring pencils, a clipboard or
something to lean on
Bookings: This course requires a minimum of 10
people. To register your interest,
please contact John Herbert or Usha
Elderfield as soon as possible before
the 5th of March.
John or phone 9275
1819 / Usha or
phone 9382 8587
Dhyani Buddhas Workshop
The five Dhyani (Meditation) Buddhas represent five
archetypes of growth and healing, called Adhi Buddhas.
Each represents a family with related faculties
of wisdom and guidance. The five Dhyani Buddhas
encourages the transformation of the five aggregates
(aspects of the self: body, feeling, perception, mental
formations, and consciousness) into different positive
attributes. The Dhyani Buddhas workshop will
include a talk, as well as exploration through practice,
art, and bodywork (yoga). The Dhyani Buddhas
express ways to transform negative attributes into
their positive counterparts.
Date: Saturday 29th March
Class Time: 10am 12 noon, lunch break, 1 pm 3
Venue: Tig-le House, 266 Oxford Street,
Cost: Teacher and Tig-le supported by Dana/
An additional small fee will be
charged to cover handouts (amount to
be advised)
What to bring: Lunch for yourself, colouring pencils,
clipboard or something to lean on.
Bookings: This course requires a minimum of 10
people. To register your interest,
please contact Usha Elderfield or John
Herbert as soon as possible before 19th
of March.
John or phone 9275
1819 / Usha or
phone 9382 8587
Fundamentals Of Buddha Dharma
Chime will teach an introduction on the fundamentals
of Buddha Dharma which will explore the different
vehicles of Buddha Dharma philosophy and
practice (i.e. Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana schools)
and the different types and structures of meditation.
Date: Saturday 12th April
Class Time: 3pm - 6pm
Venue: Masonic Hall, cnr Herbert and Evans
Streets, Shenton Park
Cost: By Dana/Donation.
Bookings: To register your booking, please contact
Usha: or ph.
9382 8587
Wongkurs at the Masonic Hall, Shenton

Requests for Teaching
Chime is generally available Monday evening, Wednesday
evenings and Thursday evenings and most Saturday
and Sunday mornings. He is happy to respond to
groups (of at least 5 people) who would like him to
teach, or help in some way, either with Dharma/meditation
practice, teaching itself, or in a specific context
If you are attending the Buddha Dharma courses, the
Sakyamuni wongkur is particularly relevant.
Venue: Shenton Park Masonic Hall, cnr Herbert and
Evans Street, Shenton Park.
Sun. 16th March - Sakyamuni Buddha 3 - 3.45pm theory
class, 3.45pm: Wongkur.
Weekends at the Origins Centre,
Approximately, once a month Chime teaches at the
Origins Centre, Balingup. Classes here may be held at
the Origins Centre itself (where you can book accommodation)
or held on the adjoining property, Coorain.
All accommodation should be booked through the
Centre Caretaker (see below). These weekends are an
opportunity to deepen your practice as well as take
some time out from the hurly-burly of the city. You
will need your own bedding and food.
Weekend 1 : Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March
First class/meditation time: 9am Saturday
Wongkur: 9am Sunday Vajrasattva Class and
Cost: Accommodation at the Centre and teaching by
Bookings and enquiries: Please ring Centre Caretaker
for more information on (08) 97 641109 or
Meditation/Practitioners Weekend: Friday 25th -
Monday 28th April
Accommodation: Please note this is the ANZAC Day
Long Weekend/School Holidays. And that the Origins
Centre is fully booked for this weekend. There
are, however, many other options in the area. All
classes will be held at Coorain.
First Meditation: 4pm ANZAC Day Peace Vigil/
Cost: By dana/donation.
What to bring: paper, coloured pencils, textas etc and
the text(s)/sadhanas you want teaching on.
Bookings and enquiries: Please ring Centre Caretaker
for more information on (08) 97 641109 or
i.e. schools, care work, health or some other area of community
development. Sessions may be one-offs or
form a series etc. Individual work will usually be scheduled
for Wednesdays. Requests may be emailed to Usha
( or phone: 9382 8587. You may also
ring Anne at Tig-le House on 9443 9639. Once subject,
time, place etc has been agreed upon, Usha will assist
with spreading the word, if required.
Tig-le House, 266 Oxford Street, Leederville.
Dharma CDs
Chime and Cecilie kindly allowed the recording of
some of their classes last year which we have made
into CDs.
Karma Chime Shore: An Introduction to Arising
Yoga CDs 1-4
Each talk is approximately an hour long.
Set of 4 costs $64. Individual CDs cost $21. Postage,
if required, is extra.
CD1 is an overview describing the purpose, methods,
process and benefits of arising yoga.
CD 2 gives a brief review of the first week and
then further develops the discussion of the
methods and tools used and include an explanation
of the template or common structure
of a sadhana. (The template elements are
shunya, bija, deva, devata mandala, deva, bija,
shunya). This lecture also included information
regarding how to practice.
CD 3 includes discussion and definitions of
Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and
Nirmanakaya, the foundation and preparation
for Arising Yoga work and includes examples
from the Ngon-Dro and Green Tara.
CD 4 describes how to approach arising yoga
meditation and retreat work, what to do if
difficulty arises and the signs of good practice.
It also includes a practice meditation on the
refuge tree and an explanation of the elements
Ps: Cheques and money orders should be made out to:
Origins Centre. Please send to Usha Elderfield, P.O. Box
7191, Shenton Park, 6008.
If you would like to order please email Usha
( or phone (08) 9382 8587.

Late last year and through the early part of this year Chime has
been in communication with members of the board regarding the
governance of Coorain. These discussions have culminated in a
number of proposals submitted to the board for consideration. The
overall thrust of the proposals was that Coorain be a lineage teaching
house, managed by a lineage teacher/caretaker and with autonomy
from the board. The specific proposals are detailed below:
1. Administration of Coorain be kept separate from the other
aspects of OC administration.
2. Insurance and rates be continued to be paid for out of the
current OC budget but other expenditure now be paid out of a
separate Coorain budget.
3. That the lineage teacher/caretaker be allowed to form a small
committee to administer Coorain including the maintenance of
the grounds, buildings and finances, organizing social activities,
teaching, capital works and fundraising.
4. That Chime be invited to take on the role of resident teacher
and lineage caretaker at Coorain for a trial period of 3 years
allowing him time to evolve the above mentioned administrative
and teaching structure that would be supportive of the group and
the Centre.
5. That there exists a person (and for this Richard Yin has offered
to take on the position), that would be in regular dialogue with
the board as to plans and proposals that were underway for
A number of points were raised in the ensuing discussion. These
included the recognition that historically and as reflected in our
constitution, that Origins Centre has existed to support the teaching
of Namgyal Rinpoche and associated lineage teachers; that Coorain
was built as a residence for Rinpoche and that he expressly conveyed
the wish during the last retreat that it be caretakered by Chime.
There was a unanimous endorsement of the proposal by board
members who expressed gratitude for Chimes offer and were
thankful that there now exists a representative from the lineage
teacher on the board. While believing that the vast majority of OC
members would be supportive of the proposals, because of their
importance the board however felt that members should have the
opportunity to ratify their endorsement through an OGM in the
near future.
Coming Soon!
Vajrasattva Cd Set
Vajrasattva 1: The Outer Structure
(Commentry and teaching on the Vajrasattva sadhana
as used in the Foundation Work.)
Vajrasattva 2: The Inner Structures
(Commentary and teaching on the Vajrasattva Citta
Sadhana). Contact Usha for costs etc.
Two small square cushions [grey-brown with an Ikattype
pattern] were left at Rinpoche's Perth talk or
wongkur. Please ring Gaby on 9381 5759 to have them
Over the next three years, Chime with the help of a small group
will evolve an administrative and teaching structure for Coorain.
To support the finances of Coorain a number of fundraising ventures
are planned for this year [see also the upcoming fundraising dinner].
Anyone wishing to support or initiate such activities are asked to
contact Richard on 9381 5759 or email
There is also a wish that the teachers livelihood be adequately
supported. Dana, which may be translated as generosity or giving,
is a central aspect of Buddhism. Dana to the teacher is not a payment
but an expression of the wish to support the teaching, the ongoing
turning of the Dharma Wheel. Dana given at wongkurs is
traditionally used to support the vihara or organisational aspects to
the teaching and is not used to support the teacher. For the last year
a number of individuals have offered a regular tithe [a fortnightly
or monthly donation] to support Chime. Tithing ensures the teacher
receives a regular income allowing him to support others without
having to also derive an income to support himself. Anyone wanting
to donate in this way is asked to contact Richard
Be well and happy
Richard Yin
Fundraising Dinner
Totally Thai
Food to Awaken the Senses
Its been a long time coming, but the Origins
fundraising dinners are back!
All proceeds to support Coorain
Where: Ushas in Shenton Park
When: 5 April at 6.00pm
Cost: $25
Register with Gaby at or
9381 5759.
Numbers will be limited.

The Centre has a vacancy for a resident
practitioner to join two others in the Dharma
House at 12 Lake Street, Queenstown. There
is no resident teacher.
The objective is to establish a small, dedicated group of
resident practitioners who are also gainfully employed.
The resident Sangha will be flat mates with
programmes of individual and joint practice while
supporting the development of the Centre and its role in
the community.
The position would suit someone interested in developing
both their individual practice and the Centre.
For further information contact Alan Macalister,
Dharma Centre, 12 Lake Street, Queenstown, NZ,
or, or (64) (025) 343 956.
Rinpoche and Cecilie 2002
There are a million or so things that need doing in order to host a
teaching visit in Perth and Balingup and there are many, many
people who generously offer their support, time, money, energy
in the lead up to any visit. (There are also those who beaver away
all year long).
We would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to all those who
helped us before, during and after Rinpoches and Cecilies visits
in 2002. We could not have done it without you.
Chime and Shavi, Deb Milianku, Keith and Gaia Ogilvie, Maia
Bobrowicz, Nell Thayne, Ian Dornan, Jim Farrell, Lauren
Milordis, John Herbert, Pam Olsen, Anne Clark, Gillie Brown,
Richard Yin, Frank and Marg Lister, Jody Hill, Peter Emerson,
Jan Woods, Leith Maddock, Gnani Benecke, Coralie Henry,
Evan Coumbe, Elaine Cloherty, Saskia Anderson, Liam Hutton,
Katie Brown, Jacqui Dodds, Helen Lynes, Petra Schneider, Sarah
If we have forgotten anyone, our apologies.
Yours in Dharma,
Gaby, Ursula and Usha.
There will be a fundraising event at
Tig-le House on Saturday March
22nd 5pm - 7pm.
Our Burmese friends are building their own centre in
Kelmscott. Sai Tip and his supporters are now awaiting
approval to build a meditation, study and monks
retreat on their land. The Burmese Community have
been so very generous to the Origins Centre with their
support of our Peace Pagoda Project in materials, time
and energy and the donation of timber for the rotunda
roof, tiles to surround the pagoda, and general support
of all our activities.
Let us return some of this good will and friendship.
So keep this date free and come along to Tig-le to
have some fun.
Stay tuned for further details.
Yours Anne 94439639
Chime (pronounced Chimee) Shore
has studied and taught in the Buddhist tradition for
over 30 years. He received ordination in both the
Theravadin and Vajrayana Traditions. He is a meditation
teacher, sculptor, community worker and father.
He has also worked in the mental health systempeople
with their personal recovery. All of these things inform
his teaching. Chime is known for his ability to
speak directly and with kindness. Born in Canada, he
now lives and teaches in Australia, New Zealand and
Canada. He is the founding teacher of the Origins
Centre in Balingup and The Wangapeka Study and
Retreat Centre near Nelson, New Zealand. Tig-le
House is his teaching house in Perth.
Burmese Fundraiser

These lectures and empowerments are being run
through the U.W.A Extension programme (phone 9380
1066) or check their website for more information
18 April Perth Public Talk:
Finding Peace in a Troubled World
19 April
Medicine Buddha Empowerment
Teaching: 10am -12pm and
Gift of Dharma by Chogyal
Phagpa 2pm - 4pm
20 April
White Tara Empowerment Teaching:
10am -12pm and Gift of Dharma
by Chogyal Phagpa 2pm - 4pm
In our current climate of uncertainty and change, Buddhism's
ancient and compassionate wisdom is entirely appropriate.
Because of the interdependent nature of all things and the ethics
of non-violence, to simply engage at a personal level in wholesome
actions and thoughts has the power to influence those
around us in a positive way, creating a sense of wellbeing and
harmony. This is how the individual is emppowered to make a
significant contribution to establishing peace both for themselves
and others in this troubled world.
Considered second only to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the
spiritual hierarchy of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness Sakya
Trizin is the revered throne holder of the Sakya School and 41st
Patriarch of the unbroken lineage of Khon, dating back to 1073.
He is a brilliant religious master who manifests profound
wisdom and compassion and his excellent command of English,
render his teachings particularly beneficial to western students.
Born in 1945 in Tibet, His Holiness was formally enthroned at
the age of 14, in the same year as his family fled to India after
the communist invasion of Tibet.
His Holiness Sakya Trizin Visit in April
His Holiness, Sakya Trizin will be teaching at U.W.A
Friday, 18th April to Sunday, 20th April as part of the
University Extension Programme. As well as more
general Dharma teaching, His Holiness will give the
Medicine Buddha and White Tara Empowerments.
Chime hopes that as many people as possible will
attend these courses
Origins Centre of Western Australia
Annual General Meeting
10 am
Sunday 6th April
To be held at Tig le
266 Oxford st Leederville
come along and have your say

Vajrasattva Retreat In Bali:
May 4 16th 2003
In May, Chime will lead a retreat on Vajrasattva in Bali.
The study and practice of Vajrasattva is the second stage of
foundation work (Ngon-Dro) after the Refuges. This
important teaching encourages clarity, integrity and insight
within our memories, relationships and ideas. It is a teaching
of purification and open-mindedness, a great jewel of
the Vajrayana, accessible and understandable. The retreat
offers this teaching in study and meditation practice.
About Bali:
After the October 12th bombings, Balis tourism based
economy has suffered greatly, yet Bali remains a safe and
peaceful island.
The mood in Bali at the moment is one of optimism and
reconstruction. Great healing is occurring, and Bali is
looking to the future and reconsidering its identity. There is
a reasoned timeliness for having the Vajrasattva retreat in
Bali at this time. The elements of purification and healing
which are essence of the Vajrasattva practice have obvious
relevance in light of the bombings. Local Balinese who are
interested in participating have been invited to elements of
the retreat.
The retreat has been planned during the month of May as
weather wise, this is one of the most pleasant times to be in
Bali. The evenings are cool and at this time of year the
humidity during the day is relatively low.
Friday 2nd May
Arrive at Denpasar Airport - transfer to Pondok Saraswati
Bungalows in Lodtonduh, Ubud.
Saturday 3rd May
Feel free to do some exploring of the area. Ubud proper is
a 10 minute taxi ride, and there are several interesting
walks and explorations to do in the village of Lodtonduh.
Pondok Saraswatis hosts will be happy to advise you and/
or arrange for a guided tour. Simple Indonesian buffet
meals will be provided by Pondok Saraswati
Sunday 4th - Thursday 8th May: Retreat and Cultural
Study Tours
Vajrasattva Retreat begins. Each day we will take a 15
minute walk through the rice fields to the provided teaching
space. The tranquil open air teaching space is in an
artists studio set in the middle of beautiful gardens & rice
During this stage of the retreat you will be invited to join a
Herb Walk Tour (8:30-1pm). This fascinating guided
tour will be presented by Lilir and Westi, who have been
doing these tours for the past 10 years, and have extensive
knowledge of traditional Balinese healing remedies. They
will take you deep into the rice fields and gardens that
surround Ubud and will teach you about Balis common
plants which are still used today for traditional healing.
After the tour you are invited to Petra & Josh s house for
lunch, after which a demonstration of how to prepare these
traditional remedies (Jamu & Herbal Boreh / Lulur) will be
hosted by Lilir. You will also be able to have a swim before
returning to Pondok Saraswati.
9th May:
After Breakfast we will leave for Sanur to take a one hour
boat charter to Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan is a
small island off the coast of South East Bali. The area
where we will be staying is a quiet cove called Mushroom
Beach, which is on the border of a traditional fishing
village. As well as participating in the retreat activities this
is a good time for reflection and relaxation. The bungalows
are situated on a hill above the beach with magnificent
views of the ocean and Bali's south eastern shoreline.
Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful.
Friday 9th - Friday 16th May: Retreat, Diving and Snorkelling
During this stage of the retreat, the Vajrasattva practice
other activities will be on offer.
Please note that as costs for diving & snorkelling depends
on the type of activity & location which are variable, and
as we dont know everyones preferences, we have not
included this in the Package cost of the retreat (see below
for costs details). Be sure to bring your diving license if
you plan to dive. You can swim and snorkel directly off the
beach in front of the home stay (please bring your own
snorkel gear), although the sea life is much more interesting
when you take a tour off shore in one of the small
fishing boats to specially chosen dive / snorkelling sites.
Friday 16th May: We leave Nusa Lembongan by charter
back to Sanur before sunset, optional transfer back up to
Pondok Saraswati is available. For dinner, you can either
arrange your own meals a la carte from Pondok Saraswati,
or visit one of Ubuds many excellent restaurants, from
here on you will be responsible for your own meal costs.
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May: Breakfast will be
provided at Pondok Saraswati, lunch and dinner can either
be ordered from Pondok Saraswati or you can go into
Ubud. This is a great time to explore Ubud.
The village of Ubud is home to hundreds of fascinating
museums and galleries. It is considered the cultural centre
of Bali and hosts many interesting performances (dances &
dramas) on a regular basis. Information about current
shows will be provided at Pondok Saraswati so you can
choose what interests you.

The Venue:
Pondok Saraswati is a peaceful retreat consisting of four 2
storey thatched roof bungalows set in a village compound
overlooking rice padi fields. It is 10 minutes south of the
famous arts centre of Bali, Ubud. Bathrooms are Western
style with walled garden features, and hot water showers.
All bedrooms have mosquito nets and electric fans. More
information and pictures are available at:
1. As always the teacher is supported by your
2. Course cost is $AU 785 which includes your
accommodation, food (until the 16th May), transfers,
the Herb Walk Tour and Teachers costs.
3. Flights should be organized independently.
Please try to book with the idea of arriving at the
retreat on May 2nd, not later, and remaining until
Sunday, 18th May if possible. It was suggested to
me that it may be more expensive to only buy an
airfare to Bali as opposed to a package with accommodation.
Apparently, it is common practice to
purchase a package for the cheaper price but
choose to use alternate accommodation, which
would obviously apply here.
If you are in Perth, I personally recommend Malou
Fitzmaurice at the Our World Travel Centre which
is a branch of Community Aid Abroad.
Our World Travel, Tel:08 9381 2877 / Fax:08 9381
2894 /
4. Other optional expenses could include:
Diving (per dive) $ 60.00
Snorkelling (per boat trip) $ 30.00
Suggested Laundry budget $ 50.00
Drinks other than tea / coffee $50 .00
As numbers are limited to 16-20 people, please register
your interest as soon as possible with Usha
( or phone 08 9382 8587.
(Currently, there are 12 retreatants booked.)
We (Petra, Sylvie and myself) are in the process of preparing
retreat registration forms and payment details, please
be aware of this as your place on the retreat will only be
guaranteed if you register with your deposit. These will be
available in the first week of March.
Bookings will be handled by Sylvie Joy
( or phone (08) 9337 7217.
Best wishes,

Time to Save Some Trees
And the Origins Centre some money
And be up-to-date about resident and visiting teachers programmes and other OC events
Please send your email address to

Newsletter of the Origins Centre ( Incorporated Society ) of Western Australia
February 2003
Coordinators Yarn
Rinpoches retreat has seen a lovely hive of energy at the centre.
Im sure that everyone who came to a part or all of the retreat
would agree that the outer spring clean reflected the inner and I
dearly hope this newsletter finds you well.
Some of the things that have been happening are:
We are currently rebuilding the O.C. amenities retaining wall,
this time out of Greenbushes stone. Anthony wants to thank
Roger for the time and skill sharing as well as Barry, Mike and
Peter for their enthusiastic help. So far its built and would love
some budding helpers to help create ourfoundations. If people
have symbols of the practice/foundation they would like to put
into the wall it would be fantastic. Leave messages with Anthony
or Sarah at the centre if youre coming down or with
me if you have no way of getting your object down there.
The rezoning of the Origins Centre from rural residential to
tourist zoning is ticking over. At present on our rural residential
zoning we are at capacity. If, for example, we want a caretakers
house or any other structure to be built, (including sheds or
office), then the change in zoning is required. There will need to
be extensive planning and visioning circles for how people see or
dream the centre to be. The person responsible for turning this
wheel is Maia Bobrowicz (
Helen Lynes - ( is reviewing the constitution
and would love peoples input and help on that also.
We are also in the process of reviewing the policy on potential
self harm or harm to others.
Financially yet again were on our bones. We have enough for
phone and rates but fall short on repair.
Ive often contemplated over the last year, wishing we as an
organization had enough money to pay all the people who put in
so many hours of work at the centre, Tig-le and elsewhere. Our
immediate Sangha is spread over a large area of the south west
which can lead to forgetting that we are a connected grass roots
Sangha. What we, as individuals put into the centre, Tig-le or our
community reflects on the amount that is possible. I am eternally
grateful to the ones who rise up and so generously give
of their time or money in the true spirit of Dana and community.
Thank you again for helping dreams become reality.
Up and coming repairs and projects are:
Replacing Gutters around the rooms
Rainwater tank and connectors
Funding for a beautiful symbolic wrought iron fence and
gardens on the new retaining wall.
Spraying blackberry and remnent bridal creeper
This years regeneration Project. (direct seeding)
Replacing the plastic sheeting on the roof
New seals in the toilets
If you could offer your time or money towards any of these
projects that would be really fantastic and please let me know.
Also if your membership has run out please contact Gaby or I as
not only does this provide us with income it also makes sure the
newsletter gets to the right address.
This last board meeting we had a review from the organizers of
Rinpoche and Cecilies retreat. Usha, Gaby and Ursula all
spent many hours working away for months to get the retreats to
run as smoothly as they did. There was the odd glitch here and
there with Rinpoche changing his plans. The eternal lesson in
flexibility, which meant the retreat covered costs with not much
spare change. If you would like to see the budget let me know.
Arising from the retreat has been the need to clearly define
Coorain as a linage or teachers (Rinpoche) house. Although this
is common knowledge, the relationship between Origins and
Coorain has never been set out clearly. As a lineage house it is
important for Chime to know that people support and want the
lineage teachings. This personal request for Chime balances
democracy/grass roots with lineage and our intentions & respect
for the centre and lineage. This will be discussed at the next
AGM (April 6 / 10 am at Tigle )).
Rinpoches return will most probably be in October/November
this year!! The plan is to do a 2 month retreat at Balingup.
Chimes teaching has started for the year, his theme being
Vajrasattva, the diamond mind. Im personally really looking
forward to the years events and teachings.
The board meets every couple of months.. do come along if you
want to get involved. If you want a copy of the minutes let me
Yours in Dharma,
Bearheart ( phone 9299 6868 or email:
Rinpoche 2003
Many of you will know that Rinpoche will be returning to teach
what he termed as Teachers Transmission training (This is also
open to health practitioners and those working in associated
areas). It is loosely scheduled over an eight week period for
October and November this year.
Rinpoche has indicated he would like to teach in one-week
blocks. As many of you heard whilst on retreat, he also indicated
that 100 000 Medicine Buddha mantras would be a pre-requisite
for some of this work.
As this requires much more organization time than usual, we are
now calling for requests for teaching topics. Please consider your
request carefully, keeping in mind the overall theme of the retreat
and please be brief.
You may email your requests to Ursula Oddie: or leave a message on 9319 2787.

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