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Origins Centre of Western Australia
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Balingup Retreat Centre

The Origins Centre was established in Perth in 1977 the land on which the Baligup Retreat Centre was established was donated by an Origins member, Mr. Frank Lister. The Retreat Centre was built by members of the centre and other voluntary labour and began to function as a retreat centre in 1984. Since that time various extensions have been made to the original buildings. In particular, the Rotunda was built to function as a large room appropriate for meditation and teaching. Also land was acquired and a seperate building completed for visiting teachers. The Origins Centre is an incorporated society and is governed by a constitution. To view the constitution download the file at the location specified below.

click here to downloadConstitution of the Origins centre

The Origins Centre is run by a committee structure. The Balingup Retreat Centre is managed by the Centre manager who resides at the Centre. Currently there are two centre managers - Peter Brett and Sylvie Joy. The centre managers can be contacted on (08) 9764 1109. Click on the line below for a photo of Peter Brett

click here to download file

The current co-ordinator is Bearheart Shiell.

Historical note: Many people - particularly in the South West area - refer to the Balingup Study and Retreat Centre as "The Origins Centre". This is perhaps because the retreat centre is the major venue for Orins Centre activities. However the organisation also encompasses other activities and supports the teaching house in Perth ("Tig-Le"). The Origins Centre largely grew out of the community of students inspired by the teaching of Karma Chime in Perth in the late 1970s to early 1980s. The community is fortunate to still have access to Karma Chime's teaching omn a regular basis at Tig-Le and the Balingup Retreat Centre.


Bookings are essential as we have limited space and many different people using the centre.

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Our mailing address is 3 Jayes Road, Balingup, Western Australia, 6253 - full deatails are on the "contact Us" page.

We seek to work for the benefit of all beings.